Since I was a child I have had a strong interest for wildlife and I inherited a great passion for travels and for the sea from my father. At the age of seven I had my first safari in Kenya and since then I'm strongly bound to Africa.

Today I live in Milan, where I work in marketing and communications.

During my travels I use Canon digital SLR cameras, trying hard to reflect in my pictures a small sparkle of my sense of wonder for the beauty of Nature.

In the last twelve years I have been travelling all over the seven continents for a personal project, shooting mainly wildlife and indigenous cultures.

Award-winning, my pictures have been featured in world-renowned nature magazines as BBC Wildlife Magazine and Africa Geographic.

Five books will collect the best photos of mine. The first two books, "Middle East" and "Anime di Terre Lontane", have been published. Now I'm working on the third one, "The Wild Side", focused on wildlife.

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